About Steve Stanley:

reating art professionally since 1982, former Knoxville, Tennessee native, Steve Stanley continues his career as a freelance artist traditionally illustrating on the drawing board and more recently, combining his style of art with the addition of digital techniques. His artwork has been reproduced countless times and has appeared on everything from automobiles, book jackets, trading cards, posters and t-shirts, to movie and popular licensed products.

Some of Steve's clients include:
Coca-Cola - Inquest Magazine - Time Warner - Kenner / Hasbro Toys - Harley Davidson - Burston Mrkg. Co. Inc. - 4Kids Entertainment - Modern Publishing - CTI Industries -IBM - Marvel - Roseart, Inc. - Nascar - Applause - Weider Publications - Flex Magazine- MuscleMag International - MJFine -Live Nation - Anderson Studio -The Hamilton Collection - Image One - Sherry Mfg. Co., Inc. - DC Comics – Marvel - Hummer - Disney - Malibu Comics - WOW Magazine - World Championship Wrestling- Signal Artwear -Trau & Louvner - Southern Sportswear - Holoubek, Inc. - Ero Industries - Jostens Sportswear / Artex - Clark Sportswear - American Graffitee - Straight-Up Sportswear - Filsinger Games.