Comic Book art anyone? Or Superman in Vain!
9 • 01 • 2008

On the subject of comics-- I have so much art that I want to invest time in right now, and just demonstrate some of my new drawing ideas, but the incoming paying gigs come first and when they come in I have to backburner the spec jobs, comic or anything else.

• 8-25-08 • UPDATE ON THE SUPERMAN PORTFOLIO: Still gonna happen--and that's all I can say. More thumbnails and sketches in my sketchbook, some experimental photoshop composites of my traditional drawings and some digital tricks. These are feeling good to me and looking somewhat seamless. I've mocked a few Superman paintings into cover comps and I'm having fun looking for a satisfactory recipe. I hope to have everything completed before Con next year.

Preliminary b/w and color studies have begun on my DC Comics proposal, 'The Superman Portfolio'--Completion date? Tentatively next year. The ideal portfolio will consist of 6 b/w and 6 color pieces, and roughly 10-15 pages of sketchbook material. I hope this will demonstrate some of my best realistic comicbook illustrations. (Hopefully convincing enough for DC to say, "Oh yeah, let's use him! :P) My goal would be to make sure they either love it or hate it. Nothing in-between.
• The *on* again switch? : Batman-'Gothamix', a name given to describe another of my DC Comics pitch ideas. 'Gothamix' will reflect all of the best elements of how I would portray Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn. Cover art, sketching, Canson plates and a few pages of painted storytelling will be included in this project. My plan is to start showing art on the site in late January.


• SMALLVILLE! No comment for right now, but would love to contribute something to Smallville Magazine.

New art coming--Stay Tuned.

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