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NOW OFFERING--Custom sketch cards!



-Type 1: Copic grayscale marker


-Type 2: full-color mixed media

-I render these on my personalized card stock;
which are professionally printed and industry grade.


Prices effective now are:
Coming Soon! b/w plus shipping
Coming Soon! Color plus shipping



24-48 hours--when your turn comes.

HOW TO START your order!

1. Email me with you name, contact and shipping info.

2. Tell me what you want drawn. ( i.e., B/W, Color,
Celeb, Superhero, yourself, Girlfriend, spouse, your pet goat,
prized car, Elvis' mom, meat, etc.)

3. Your name is then added to the list of customers.

4. I'll notify you with 2 days in advance when it's your
turn for a card. It's then that you'll be asked
to make payment.

5. Your card will be drawn and sent within 24-48 hours. (* Shipping Price to be determined if you're international. )
If something comes up (flood, fire, act of God,) that
would prevent me from sending your art out
on time, I will let you know.

** PLEASE NOTE: I will not collect any money and then over-accumulate orders. My goal is to deliver art in a timely manner.
As soon as your turn comes, I'll request payment, draw your art,
and send it out.


Canceling an order
-The only thing I ask is if you change your mind and don't want to proceed with me creating art for you, just email me and in the Title bar type in,

"Passing on Sketch-Card."

See a piece of art on the site you'd like to buy?
Contact me @ Steve@stanleyart.com
Prints Museum grade prints and some artist proofs available. Email me.
Sketch Cards Original 1-of-a-kind art available. See details to the left.
Original Art: I don't usually sell original art, but please inquire with needs or wants. I have been known to change my mind.
Working on a Budget? Let me know what you have to work with, and I'll do my best to work with you.
Just Ask! Hey, you'll never know if you don't ask. So--ask! Please!
Contact: Art Directors please contact me @: Steve@stanleyart.com
Customers may use the same email:

If you need to hear from me right away,
please place "URGENT" DEADLINE
in the Email Title Bar. Thank you!
Under Construction!
If you're reading this, I'm going to guess you want to buy some Stanleyart!


Here's what I offer: